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At 05:07 PM 3/13/2003 -0600, Gordy_Schesel at wrote:

>While at bodyshop:
>   ignition lock cylinder broke (body shop ate the cost and did the
>   replacement) during sub-zero cold spell, now i have new cylinder with 2
>   new keys that do not fit the doors.  Must I remove ignition lock
>   cylinder again and have it rekeyed to match the old one, which I still
>   have?

Yes...unfortunately...I can send you the instructions....

>   central locking system does not work in driver's side rear door?
>   symptoms: very sluggish lock/unlock operation on other 3 doors.
>   "antilock off" dash light stays on regardless of position of antilock
>   off  push-button switch next to seat heater thumbwheel control

May have a vacuum leak?

Antilock switch could be sticking as could be the relay from lack of use.  Cleaning the switch is easy

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