Isn't there supposed to be ... like ... a pulley on the front of the hydraulic pump?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Thu Mar 13 23:36:00 EST 2003

After a few months of intermittant power steering and
grumbling performance by the hydraulic pump, during
which I negotiated with Blau to have them uphold ZF's
3-year warranty, they fiiinally sent a replacement
pump WE a week ago.  It didn't arrive in time for me
to take to the Bay Area last Friday to have installed
as part of the 180K service done Monday (timing belt,
H2O pump, etc.) while I was there for an extended

The shop owner made me sign a waver of liability to
pick up the car since the PS wasn't even intermittant
when they were done; it was completely gone.  I didn't
think twice, but ...

I got about 30 miles when I heard a few clunks under
the left side of the car.  Hmmmm; pulled over; checked
under the hood; hmmmm, isn't there supposed to be a
pulley on the front of the pump?  Well, there wasn't
one any more, or a triangular fitting to attach one
to!  So much for the pump shaft.  But there was a belt
sitting behind the other two doing nothing.  I
couldn't find the part back 1/4 mile or so in the dark
with a flashlight, so if any of you see it around the
#3 lane of I880 northbound just before the Stephenson
overpass in Fremont, CA, do me a favor ... just

As Murphy's law would have it, the replacement arrive
the next day, so I'll have to install it myself ASAP.
Hmmm, St. Pat's weekend ... green beer ... green oil
... I'll have to be sure not to mix them up.

Any other advice would be appreciated.


Ukiah, CA

PS: I hope Blau doesn't try to reject the core since
they're the reason it ran so long partly defectively.

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