locktited pulley

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Mar 14 09:24:19 EST 2003

So apparently the last guy to do the t-belt on my car -loctited- the
harmonic balancer onto the t-belt pulley.  In trying to get it off,
they dinged up the t-belt pulley, so that's been holding up the
operation; had to special order a new one from the dealer.  Life goes

Turns out there were three leaks.

a)rear of the transmission, as I thought.  They're going to check/top
off the tranny for now, and it'll be my fun job to deal with it
later.  They were really amused by the carriage bolt stuck in the
filler plug("Some #$@! didn't have the right tool and..."  "Yeah
yeah.  That was me.  I forgot to pull it off after it broke...")

b)valve cover(noticed it, thought it was a trickle, but according to
Eli, "It's pretty sizeable, and we don't really know what's involved
to get in there..."  Reassured him it was a 'weekend project' for me,
I'd take care of it, other listers had said it wasn't hard, etc.
That does explain the puddle that I thought was the Fumoto
valve(well, the fumoto leaks too, another story, another time.)

c)hydraulic reseroir(bottom connection); good thing, because that
means the hydraulic leak isn't a hose or rack.

So, looks like I have my job(s) cut out for me this spring, along
with the leaking oil pressure sender...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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