Timing belt preperation

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It was well you mentioned this about the hands. I have been known to do
things like that.

Klutz Klubb charter member,


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Short of having an impact wrench, applying steady pressure to the breaker
bar on the crank bolt, while having assistant pound away on the breaker bar
(not at the same location as your hands) with a hammer will help loosen that
bolt.  I think it kind of mimics the idea of an impact wrench.

Oh, and wrt to the seal removal tool, they are different between the crank
and cam seals; different sizes/diameter.  When I did the work on my car,
Blau sent me the wrong removal tool, or more accurately the one they sent me
was for the cam, while they said it was for the crank (or vice versa).  Not
too bad as I was replacing both seals, just a bit confusing.

Good luck,

Derek P

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I am going to attempt the same thing in a few weeks. "No please, after
you!!" My big problem is how to get my scrawny 155 lb body to apply enough
torque to get the BIG bolt off. Please keep us informed. If you should fall
on the way to glory, those of us who follow will honor your memory :-)


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