Timing belt preperation

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 14 11:06:34 EST 2003

Very true.  I only wonder why items like this are not mentioned more
frequently in the shop manuals.

Oh, and if anybody ever rents one of the t-belt tools from blau, if you get
one that has a bit of knurling on the wrench, that's my signature work.
Only had a roofing hammer on hand...

There's no Blau reps on this list are there?  If so, just kidding.


>It was well you mentioned this about the hands. I have been known to do
>things like that.
>Klutz Klubb charter member,
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>Short of having an impact wrench, applying steady pressure to the breaker
>bar on the crank bolt, while having assistant pound away on the breaker bar
>(not at the same location as your hands) with a hammer will help loosen
>bolt.  I think it kind of mimics the idea of an impact wrench.
>Oh, and wrt to the seal removal tool, they are different between the crank
>and cam seals; different sizes/diameter.  When I did the work on my car,
>Blau sent me the wrong removal tool, or more accurately the one they sent
>was for the cam, while they said it was for the crank (or vice versa).  Not
>too bad as I was replacing both seals, just a bit confusing.
>Good luck,
>Derek P
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>I am going to attempt the same thing in a few weeks. "No please, after
>you!!" My big problem is how to get my scrawny 155 lb body to apply enough
>torque to get the BIG bolt off. Please keep us informed. If you should fall
>on the way to glory, those of us who follow will honor your memory :-)
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