code 2111, "implausible signal"

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Mar 14 22:34:23 EST 2003

Gents, I got some puzzling codes from SRS today(they do a code dump
on every car that comes into the shop, they'll also do it for free if
you show up.)

I neglected to ask if the dump was done with the car running, but
2111 came up as "implausible signal, sporadic fault"(hah!  Those
wacky germans) -as well as- "no signal."  After clearing the codes
and driving the car around the block, none of the codes returned.
They commented that the car didn't feel like it was all there, and I
had noticed performance wasn't terrific recently.

They've offered to do another dump if I bring the car by, and I just
might- but anyone else seen this?  Car's had zero problems starting.
Boost has been reading low recently- 1.6 indicated.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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