Hyd Fluid Leak

Steve Sherman spsherm at attglobal.net
Fri Mar 14 22:49:19 EST 2003

Discovered an unusual leak of hydraulic fluid today and I was wondering
if this sounds familiar to anyone on the list:

A big puddle of fluid formed under the car after I parked it.  When
someone pointed it out, I started the car and moved it back and let it
run a while.  No more fluid dripped out while it was running, but after
I turned it off, there was a drip that was coming off the accumulator
(aka bomb) onto the frame then onto the ground fairly steadily. I had
just filled the fluid res a couple of days before, so it was full, but
ended up empty within/after 10mi or so of driving.  Got another can of
fluid and filled it up to the low mark and drove home.  I fully expected
to stop a couple of times as the brake lite went on and refill, but the
light never came on. When I got home, I checked the level and it seemed
to be the same as when I refilled it before the trip, and no dripping

Pretty strange, a fairly fast leak, that happens went the engine is off
that comes and goes.  It was too dark to see much underneath, but the
leak does not appear to be coming from the pump nor the rack.  I don't
think it is a high preassure line, as it seemed worse with the pump off.

Anyone recognize these symptoms?


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