the saga continues(pretty pictures, even)

Dan Simoes dans at
Sat Mar 15 19:32:51 EST 2003

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Bad news: the master cylinder is truly shot.  Big time.  So there
> goes my plan to drive the car home- pedal's on the floor and not
> coming back, which it apparently did when they went to bleed the
> front brakes to make sure it wasn't just air.

Do it once, do it right.  Replace the master, clutch slave, and the hose
between the two.

> Nothing escapes Mr. Shine, and he discovered a curious setup;
> apparently, one of my previous mechanics(no, not the t-belt mechanic,
> yes, a supposed "Quattro God") decided when he "adjusted" my
> proportioning valve that it also needed a US-style hose clamp(!)
> somehow attached(he couldn't describe it, but the profanity indicated
> it was something truly Special.

I believe I recall said "Quattro God" (not supposed) telling me that the
UFO brakes work best when the proportioning valve is biased toward the
rear.  I could be wrong and I suggest you call him to find out if he did
this, and if so why.

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