Radiator Temp Sensor

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Mar 16 06:27:34 EST 2003

At 10:38 PM 03/15/2003 -0700, Steve Sherman wrote:
>I just put in a new radiator (old one had the hose nipple break off).
>In the process I reused the temp sensor that screws in  under the lower
>rad hose; it was only a few months old and working fine.  The problem I
>am having is that there is a slow seeping type of leak coming from that
>sensor on the new rad.  (FWIW it sealed just fine on the old rad).
>When I moved it over, I reused the copper crush washer under it. I did
>not torque it as much as I might, because unlike the old rad which had a
>brass insert for the threads on this sensor, the new rad (AKG) seemed to
>be all plastic threads.  Seems that one could install the sensor without
>a washer, or even with a thin layer of RTV, although those options
>require draining the rad again...
>My questions are:  Does anyone know if AKG does have a brass insert for
>the threads on their Audi radiators (eg is it safe to just torque this
>some more)? And any suggestions on the best / easiest way to top this
>slow leak from around this sensor?

Can't answer your questions about makeup of the radiator, but my take on
crush washers is that, once crushed, they rarely will reseal properly.  You
can try flattening the washer with sandpaper on a flat glass, but I'd just
get a new one.

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