the saga continues

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Sun Mar 16 08:35:52 EST 2003

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When I changed my belt on the 200, the key was cracked.  It looked minor,
but with a little work, I was able to break it with my fingers.  It is my
guess that this was due to an undertorqued crank bolt from the previous
change.  I, too, waited an extra day for a new one from the dealer.  I
recommend a careful examination of this gear/pulley when a timing belt is

By the way, I now own the two tools that Audi recommends (requires?) to
change the belt; I just bought them to do my Coupe.  They are available for
loan to listers in need.  I won't ship them, but I won't charge anyone to
borrow them either.  Leave me a deposit and bring 'em back when you're done.
I'm in the Hartford, CT area.


91 200Q

91 CQ

99 A6Q


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So I get off the T this afternoon and Eli's waiting("To the shop,

Jeeves!"), and along the way he dispenses the good news/bad news.

Good news is the t-belt is done, engine's happy.

Bad news: the master cylinder is truly shot.  Big time.  So there

goes my plan to drive the car home- pedal's on the floor and not

coming back, which it apparently did when they went to bleed the

front brakes to make sure it wasn't just air.

This created a problem- mainly, no car, home = 30 minutes away.

Kudos to the SRS guys( Eli offered right off the bat

to drive me home, a good 30 minutes out of -his- way.  Friday night,

had plans with his girlfriend; -that- is customer care, my friends.

So back to the t-belt.

Word to the wise- be CAREFUL with the crank pulley if yours gets

stuck on.  It is a special order, $40+ part(!), and if your last

mechanic was stupid enough to slather locktite all over the thing(my

ex mechanic was; note the use of the word "ex"; as I said to the

guys, "What the HELL did he do that for?  It's keyed.  It's trapped

in place by the -other- pulley.  Was it -going- somewhere?

Noooooo!"), it WILL break if you try and get it off.



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