MAF needed?, MAF question

Brian Link BrianL at
Sun Mar 16 11:56:51 EST 2003

Well it happened, or I think It happened.

5 minutes after leaving in my 200 20v the car sputtered and stumbled
followed by the check engine light coming on.  I grabbed my palm pilot
and pulled the codes.  DTC showed 00553 Mass Air Flow Sensor-G70 Signal
too low.  I followed the trouble shooting guide in the Bentley.  Looks
Like I'm reading 11.2 mV when I should be seeing 2 - 3Vdc at part
throttle.  Ground paths are good.  I pulled and checked MM hose and
turbo to intercooler hose, I checked the breather.   I even cleaned the
MAF in IPA.  does anyone have a spare they want to sell?  Or does anyone
have a working spare in Boulder or nearby for me to try?  Contact me off


Brian Link
Boulder, CO

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