the saga continues(pretty pictures, even)

Mike Sylvester mike.sylvester at
Mon Mar 17 09:05:39 EST 2003

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Is there a reason to seperate the t-belt gear from the balancer?  I've done quite a few of t-belts (on 10v and 20v) and have never separated the two.
It is possible that your "ex-mechanic" never separated them either and the loctite was from the factory.

Mike Sylvester

Brett wrote:

....Word to the wise- be CAREFUL with the crank pulley if yours gets
stuck on.  It is a special order, $40+ part(!), and if your last
mechanic was stupid enough to slather locktite all over the thing(my
ex mechanic was; note the use of the word "ex"; as I said to the
guys, "What the HELL did he do that for?  It's keyed.  It's trapped
in place by the -other- pulley.  Was it -going- somewhere?
Noooooo!"), it WILL break if you try and get it off.

Hope you're all payin' attention, because this is known as "the money shot":

That's -after- it was heavily bead-blasted, which is why you can't
see green goo all over the inside.  You can still see remnants of the
loctite on the inside surface; the area hidden to the camera is even

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