the saga continues(pretty pictures, even)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Mar 17 12:09:43 EST 2003

At 11:48 AM -0500 3/17/03, Peter Schulz wrote:

>Why would you want to disassemble the crank pulley from the harmonic
>and that said how do you know that the previous mechanic locktited
>them together unless he also disassembled the crank pulley/harmonic
>Bentley/Audi says to removed the balancer/pulley as a unit...

The crank pulley was loctited to the -crankshaft-, not the harmonic
balancer.  Sorry if I wasn't too clear on that.

>You mean the "exmechanic" didn't change the waterpump when doing the
>timing belt?

Bingo.  I did the tbelt shortly after I bought the car.  Despite my
explicit request he do the WP(we had even talked about it before he
did the belt and agreed it was necessary)...he didn't, and pretended
like I hadn't asked him to.

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