Afterrun Cooling

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I don't think it is abnormal. Especially if you are in a cool climate area.
Our 200 doesn't cycle at all in the winter, but does in the summer, although
not as much as our 87 5000. I think in the 5000 it happened every time
regardless of the coolant temp. I could be wrong on that count. Also, your
200 may have an 80C thermostat, which will cause it to rarely come on.  HTH

91 200 TQA
94 UrS4

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I am still getting used to my 91 200 20v, but one
thing I noticed is that after climbing a long hill
(10mi) to my house, the 20v does not cycle the fan
after shutting the engine off.  My 87 5000CS's
would cycle for several minutes after this drive.

I checked and shorted the leads to the afterrun
sensor, and the fan comes on, so the wiring and
relay appear to be fine.  I can of course replace
that sensor, but thought I would check first.  Are
the 200's just better cooled, or is it reasonable
to expect a 200 to do the after run cycle as a
5000 would?


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