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there was a thread on the S-car list and I thought that this might also interest the 20v and 200q20v listers.

I have no interest in TDI tools other than being a satisfied customer....

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>At the recommendation of Dan Simoes, I contacted Steve Barrus @(TDI_Tools at attbi.com) and  purchased the tool as shown on ebay:
>I received the tool last week and am eager to try it out....
>It appears well designed and is made in the USA...
>and costs half of the Matra factory tool from Samstag Sales or Zelenda.
>Yeah, some of the generic tools can be purchased for about the same or less, but I liked the idea of purchasing a tool made in the USA by a company offering some alternatives to the "factory" tools for about half the price.
>(their version of the A4 timing belt kit:http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=35625&item=2404596572 )
>I have in the past used the generic "cube" from Lisle, but have decided to buy a real tool and not deal with the frustration of it slipping, especially on 150K + mile cars in the salted northeast. ( lately I have had to remove the rear calipers from the car and mount them in a bench vise to be able to turn the caliper piston with the cube)
>At 09:37 PM 3/12/2003 -0800, Sean Douglas wrote:
>>Nathan wrote:
>><I called Zelenda for part #3272 and it's $99.  Too much for me.  What's the
>>cheaper version?>
>>I tried using the generic tool and got frustrated and ended up buying the
>>Zelenda tool. It really depends on the condition of the rear pistons. I
>>found mine were quite rusty and it was very difficult to retract it with the
>>generic tool. The Zelenda tool makes short work of it.
>>If any listers in the Vancouver area need to borrow it - let me know, I'd be
>>glad to oblige.
>>Sean Douglas
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>>1990 Audi 90q 20v
>>1992 VW Passat 16v
>>Surrey, BC

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