Afterrun Cooling

Steven Sprague ssprague at
Tue Mar 18 15:07:22 EST 2003


    I too live in No. Ca and had an issue with my 200q a few months ago.  I
park in a valet parking garage in my building (not the best) and had the
battery die when the fan didn't turn off.  It was a warm day and I ran a
errand at lunch so the water got warm enough to run the fan on high.  When I
cam down that night, my car was dead.  I called 2Bennett the next day and
talked to Ken.  They fixed the car by replacing the relays for the low,
medium and high speed circuts and the temp sensor.  I guess, common to the
20v's is the fan catching fire or self destructing.  The PO had told me that
the fan and fuse block were changed out when the fan fried itself.
    My point is 2Bennett had some investigating on my car to make sure the
fans 3 speeds worked after replacing one of the relays.  Check your relays
which might be some of the issue.  One of my symptoms was the fan coming on,
after stopping for a few minutes, and the turning off.  Then coming back on
for a few more seconds.  This was the prelude to the fan killing the
    All is well now.


P.S. Where are you located?  You can email me off list.

Chuck Pierce wrote:

> I just did my radiator and before pulling it I trouble shot the afterrun
> system as it did
> not seem to come on when I would expect it. I also jumped the temp
> switch to get it to run,
> I replaced the switch while I had the radiator out( much easier ). I
> tried letting the car idle until
>  the fan comes on, then turning the car off to see if the afterrun pump
> will come on in a bit, no luck.
> I will watch it when it gets warmer. I live Nor. Calif. and we do not
> get as cold as most of the listers.
> Chuck Pierce
> 91 20v Avant Slowly getting sorted out
> spsherm at wrote:
> >I am still getting used to my 91 200 20v, but one
> >thing I noticed is that after climbing a long hill
> >(10mi) to my house, the 20v does not cycle the fan
> >after shutting the engine off.  My 87 5000CS's
> >would cycle for several minutes after this drive.
> >
> >I checked and shorted the leads to the afterrun
> >sensor, and the fan comes on, so the wiring and
> >relay appear to be fine.  I can of course replace
> >that sensor, but thought I would check first.  Are
> >the 200's just better cooled, or is it reasonable
> >to expect a 200 to do the after run cycle as a
> >5000 would?
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