Valve cover again

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Mar 19 13:12:22 EST 2003


Just remebered about this as well.  Although others may have seen different
situations, I found it very hard to seal the valve cover at factory torque
specs specifically at the half moon portions of the gasket where the cam
ends are.  I actually wound up removing and resealing the gasket after the
first time through to use some liquid gasket goop to seal up that portion of
the system.

So, in addition to not having to remove the intake manifold, and being
careful about the bolts, have some gasket goop on hand to make sure the seal
is good all around...especially at the cam ends.  Nothing more frustrating
than changing a gasket to get rid of a leak that just comes back as if
you've done nothing.

Derek P

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