Necessity of O2 sensor removal tool? Homemade?

auditude at auditude at
Wed Mar 19 17:53:16 EST 2003

It sounds like most people say it's not necessary.  But I have a suggestion I heard
somewhere for those situations when it is necessary.

If you made slot in a deep stock as you describe to get a stuck O2 sensor out, you can keep
the socket from spreading by putting a metal hose clamp on the bottom of it after you slip it
over the sensor, under the wire in the slot.  Otherwise, the socket might break.


Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at wrote:
> Anyone know whether a special O2 sensor removal tool
> is an absolute necessity, or highly recommended?  Does
> a common deep socket (21mm? ~$8.00) modified with a
> Dremel grinder to add a slot in one flat to accomodate
> the 3 wires, work as well as the special tool at >= 3
> times the price?
> Steve
> Ukiah, CA

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