Valve seal replacement

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Thanks Keith.  Another case of clicking "send" before thinking. =(

Sorry everyone!

I replied to Bernie before realizing you had already mentioned this.

I'm sure you have all the correct tools (seal puller and pricey OHC spring
compressor), being at a shop and all. But how do you keep the valves from
falling? Trick or tool?


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> The valve guide seals cannot be replaced without removing the valves, and
> the valves come out of the bottom of the head.  This of course requires
> removal of the head.

 Sorry Steve but that is an incorrect statement. Valve seals can be replaced
on nearly any engine without removing the head. Nearly any includes all of
Audi's 5 holers. Replacing the valve guides does require head
a machine shop.

 The proceedure for replacing the seals with the head still installed is in
the manual.

Keith T
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