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Thu Mar 20 11:49:16 EST 2003

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Hi guys-
Well I'm sure you all know we got hammered with snow here in Denver.  I liv=
e centrally and we got about 30 inches of very wet, dense snow.  Had the te=
mperature been 10-15 degrees colder(it was only ~30+/-), we likely would ha=
ve gotten twice the depth or more.  Anyway---even quattro wasn't quite enou=
gh.  Traction was never a problem but ground clearance was. Some SUVs w/ hi=
gh clearance have been driving thru, however the they left the centers too =
high for cars like mine.  I was driving my '98 A4 1.8Tq w/ sport suspension=
--so 4"-5" wasn't quite enough clearance! (I would rather have been in the =
urq with diffs locked and those gnarly snows--but that wasn't an option thi=
s time-bummer)  The A4 put up a h#ll of a fight before bottoming out, tho. =
 Later, I literally shoveled out the center section between the ruts of our=
 entire block, all was good.  It wasn't easy, but with effort we got out.  =
All four wheels were spinning, throwing up snow, we were getting thrown aro=
und by the ruts and trying to be delicate with the throttle all at the same=
 time--then we busted out to a main road and we were in the clear.  No way =
a front driver or much less my wife's 325 could have gotten anywhere.  This=
 was a great opportunity to give my in-laws a hard time--they're hard core =
bmw fans.  I offered plenty of rides!  We arrived Tuesday night as the BMW =
Rescue Team.  Anyway---But Quattro alone unfortunately really wasn't enough=
 to tackle this storm.  The big deal was clearance.  So I've decided to com=
pliment my winter wheels on the '84 urq next year with a winter suspension =
setup as well.  I'm thinking I'll get a rally suspension to lift it a good =
3 inches for the next storm. I wish...we can all dream.

Take care-

'84 urq
'98 A4

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