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I live in Boulder, so my big Bronco's seen lots of action the past three
days. I'm voting for a storm like that once a year! We built a big igloo
using recycle bins (this is Boulder after all) in a neighbor's yard that fit
six adults comfortably :)

I was surprised that my wife's fwd S70 was able to get out of our icy,
unplowed section of town early this morning. I guess that her Michelin
Arctic Alpin's saved me a couple of hours of extra drive time ferrying her
to work and back. I was tempted to drive my A4, but it still nice and shiny
from a wash last week. It's also a nice break for the little road rager
after some heavy driving last Saturday at a local Audi club's midnight meet

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Hi guys-
Well I'm sure you all know we got hammered with snow here in Denver.  I live
centrally and we got about 30 inches of very wet, dense snow.  Had the
temperature been 10-15 degrees colder(it was only ~30+/-), we likely would
have gotten twice the depth or more.  Anyway---even quattro wasn't quite
enough.  Traction was never a problem but ground clearance was. Some SUVs w/
high clearance have been driving thru, however the they left the centers too
high for cars like mine.  I was driving my '98 A4 1.8Tq w/ sport
suspension--so 4"-5" wasn't quite enough clearance! (I would rather have
been in the urq with diffs locked and those gnarly snows--but that wasn't an
option this time-bummer)  The A4 put up a h#ll of a fight before bottoming
out, tho.  Later, I literally shoveled out the center section between the
ruts of our entire block, all was good.  It wasn't easy, but with effort we
got out.  All four wheels were spinning, throwing up snow, we were getting
thrown around by the ruts and trying to be delicate with the throttle all at
the same time--then we busted out to a main road and we were in the clear.
No way a front driver or much less my wife's 325 could have gotten anywhere.
This was a great opportunity to give my in-laws a hard time--they're hard
core bmw fans.  I offered plenty of rides!  We arrived Tuesday night as the
BMW Rescue Team.  Anyway---But Quattro alone unfortunately really wasn't
enough to tackle this storm.  The big deal was clearance.  So I've decided
to compliment my winter wheels on the '84 urq next year with a winter
suspension setup as well.  I'm thinking I'll get a rally suspension to lift
it a good 3 inches for the next storm. I wish...we can all dream.

Take care-

'84 urq
'98 A4

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