A/C Drain Lines

corbishley c.corbishley at attbi.com
Sat Mar 22 11:37:59 EST 2003

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Hi Folks:

The 200 appears to have some sort of obstruction in the a/c drainage mechan=
ism.   Keep getting wet foot when turning right and can hear the water slos=
hing around.

I'm still stuck here in S.Fl with limited place to work on the car and most=
 of my tools in storage.  I have looked at the Bentley and see the drain li=
nes identified on 87.10.  Looks like I need to discharge the a/c and remove=
 the evaporator  housing to get at the lines, which appears to be a PITA.

Can you please point me at the quickest and easiest way to get at them beca=
use this has become a real problem now that "summer" has arrived - high 80s=
 and humid these last two weeks.  Perhaps I can find where they discharge a=
nd attempt to clear them from below?


John Corbs

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