Master cylinder problems

Ben Gibby jordad at
Sun Mar 23 22:54:09 EST 2003

  Just spent the weekend rebuilding all 4 calipers and flushing the old
fluid. I got some nasty stuff out of the brake lines and can tell a huge
difference in braking.
  My problem is the pedal now slowly goes to the floor, I get good braking
and can stop but the pedal keeps moving. My feeling is that the master
cylinder is bad now that the scum and crud are out of the system and it is
letting braking pressure out of the circuit. I think it is the rear circuit
since the front sent a spray of fluid across the garage.
  Any advice or correction is appreciated.
P.S. Just picked up a 6 disc changer from a local used car lot,says it still
works but cannot verify. Don't need it so will sell cheap. Still have a
phone that works, don't need it either.

     Ben Gibby

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