Master cylinder problems

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Mon Mar 24 08:24:41 EST 2003

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 Hey There Ben,
 How did you flush/bleed out the system? Let me guess. You used the brake
pedal, pushed it all the way to the floor over and over. The seals in the
brake master traveled to areas that they had never seen before, where the
bore had been loaded with crud and pits. This mess in the bottom of the bore
will wipe out the seals in the master.
 That master cylinder, part #441-611-021B has a list price of only $514.00.
You guys out there, borrow a power bleeder or push that center pedal on that
old masser no more than !/2 way in your DIY repairs.

              Take Care
              Bill Ferdon
              EuroTech Services
              Montclair, NJ

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