Master cylinder problems

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Mar 24 10:10:40 EST 2003

At 8:24 AM -0500 3/24/03, ferd154 at wrote:
>  That master cylinder, part #441-611-021B has a list price of only $514.00.
>You guys out there, borrow a power bleeder or push that center pedal on that
>old masser no more than !/2 way in your DIY repairs.

I don't know whether or not Ben used a power bleeder, but I do
strongly second Bill's recommendation to use the pressure-bleed
method. Although commercial pressure-bleeders aren't very expensive,
a very adequate DIY system can be put together in a few minutes for
pennies (well, "under $25").

Just a few basic parts are needed for a minimal (but workable) system:
(1) a truck-tire valve stem is used to modify a spare brake-fluid
reservoir cap;
(2) a coil of plastic airhose with locking Schraeder-valve chucks
fitted at both ends;
(3) a spare tire (bled to under 20 psi) for source of air pressure.

Use of the basic system requires occasional stopping in order to
refill the brake reservoir with fluid. Nevertheless it still permits
quick and *unassisted* brake bleeding to be done.

A worthwhile upgrade to the basic components would be a pressure
bottle (serving as source of fluid) fitted with a hand-pump and
gauge. I believe listers have described homemade versions of such
bottles, and they typically are included in commercially available
pressure-bleed systems.


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