Follow-up on '91 200 with 240K

Jacob Michaels jalexmichaels at
Mon Mar 24 23:14:38 EST 2003

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Looked at this car again this afternoon, and also had the opportunity to
peruse the records.


Price is $4K, pretty firm.

-third owner, does not have complete records.  Dealership stamps through late
1994/102,000.  Then starts up again at 170K with Blau parts receipts, and then
last three years at audi specialty shops. UFOs replaced by Audi early in the
car's life.

-engine overheat at 180K caused headgasket failure, among other things.  Head
was sent to machine shop for new valve guides and general clean-up. Used
radiator also put in at this time.  Water pump failure appears to have caused
the overheat. Is this and area concern?

-has stage III Ned Ritchie chip.  Easily pulled 1.6 bar in third with throttle
about 3/4ths.  Did not have time to try for anything higher, though a stage
III chip is supposed to produce up to 2.5. Engine felt quite strong, with
clear power increase at 3500rpm.

-rpm fluctuation at idle with engine warm.  Went away once car moved and did
not appear again.

-Electrical system seems to be in good order.

-chip and hole in passenger-side DOT headlight. Condensation.

-Blue leather sports seats in average shape, with driver's left bolster pretty

-recent major "tune-up" with plugs, wires (Bosch-problem?) when MAF sensor
failed. New MAF put in.

-has put in Mobile one last 40K. Timing belt done 40K ago. Clutch replaced 60K

-power steering rack has small leak, other small hydraulic leaks.

-Bose whine quite apparent in front speakers.

Is it worth it to wait for a lower mileage example (150K) for $1.5 more? 240K
doesn't bother me overmuch, as my coupe gt has this, but I do not want to be
sucked into this car solely because of its relatively cheap entry price.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated,


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