Master cylinder problems

Ben Gibby jordad at
Tue Mar 25 00:36:09 EST 2003

Thanks for the help all, Bernie called it dead on. Piece of rust scale under
the lip of the cup. I made a pressure bleeder with a gardensprayer I had and
a reservoir cap I got for free. Spent less than a buck on hose and a fitting
to plumb bleeder to cap. I know that pumping the center pedal is not the way
to go.
  Maybe the brake fluid fumes got to me and made me post such a basic
question to the list, I am a mechanic for a living after all, but I
wouldrather be sure than fix the wrong thing. I started thinking that it may
be in the hydraulic system but after thinking on it for a while, I realized
that aint the problem.
  Again, thanks. Ben

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