Rear Wheel Bearing

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>My questions are; Could the problem be something


I had a very similar problem on my BMW--no sounds until a vicious howling on
the intererstate around 50 mph.  The cause was a seized brake caliper causing
the vibration at speed.  It was quite an odd scenario because there was no
lack of performance--the car was able to "power" through the resistance.  But
at certain speeds the harmonics created this howling sound.

The Audi rear calipers are infamous for getting the cams rusted up and/or
malfunctioning.  I actually had mine seize up during the winter driving
through some moisture, then engaging the e-brake (bad idea).  But, I just
forced the cam back with a screwdriver and haven't had a problem since.  Also
if the caliper, there are some good write ups on for cleaning the
rear cams.  It would be an easy check though--take off the tire and give the
rotor a spin.  If it spins freely, you can rule out any caliper issues.

Hope this was helpful.


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Subject: Rear Wheel Bearing
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I'm getting a "howling" sound from the right rear of my car. It definitely
is wheel/tire related and starts at about 40 mph. I suspect passenger side
wheel bearing. My questions are; Could the problem be something
else...axle??? Is there a way to definitively determine if it is indeed the
bearing?? If it is the axle, I'm inclined to taking the bearing housing out
and bringing it to a machine shop to have a new bearing pressed in,...I'm
told this is a fairly easy job to remove the bearing housing, anything I
need to be concerned with when doing this??? Thanks for you help.
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