pad replacement on my 100 quattro

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Wed Mar 26 11:39:46 EST 2003

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> I need to replace the pads on my 100 quattro.  On Monday. a lister posted
> info on the Lisle brake caliper tool.  Is this a 'must have' to do the pad
> replacement, and will I need any other special tools?
> gordy   (saint paul)

When I have done my front pads, all I have done is to loosen the bleeder
valve on the caliper and push the caliper piston in with a screw driver or
pair of channel locks. Remove the pad clip and old pads, drop in the new
pads, replace the clip and tighten the bleeder valve. Very minimal loss of
brake fliud - top off if needed. Takes longer to jack up the car and remove
the wheel than it does to change the pads.

mike miller
Helmville, MT

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