pad replacement on my 100 quattro

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Rear or front brakes? You don't need the tool for the front
brakes, although having a c-clamp or a proper caliper tool
helps compress the pistons so you can remove the caliper from
the rotor easily.

For the rear brakes, I recommend getting the proper tool- the
Lisle cube is not very good. I have the Harbor Freight rear
brake toolkit and it worked great for my brakes. The real German
Hazet tool is even nicer, if you can get the tool for a decent

Also, make certain your brake reservoir is not totally topped up
when you do this, otherwise you'll have brake fluid all over the
place when you compress the pistons back into the caliper.


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I'm working my way up to a level of mechanical ability and know-how to
be able to do more and more maintenance on both my Audis.  I expect
this is going to be a long process.  Years!  Assuming long life
remaining in terms of mileage capability of our Audis.

I need to replace the pads on my 100 quattro.  On Monday. a lister
posted info on the Lisle brake caliper tool.  Is this a 'must have' to
do the pad replacement, and will I need any other special tools?

gordy   (saint paul)
'91 200 20v tq avant, pearlescent white, 103k miles
'91 100 10v quattro, sedan, bamboo, 193k miles (my daily commuter car)

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