Wheel Bearing

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Thu Mar 27 00:14:07 EST 2003

I can tell you that I replaced the fronts in my '87 at 80K and the rears
at around 110K (left) and 125k (right).
My left rear bearing in the '91 is making noise now and is on the
list...right after radiator, distributor gear, redline MTL in tranny...


ben swann wrote:
> Do these cars - the 200 20V tqs have a higher incidence of premature
> bearing failure?  Mine seems to be exhibiting what appears to be a
> bearing noise and only has 107k mi.  In other VAG cars I've owned, I
> didn't see time to replace bearings 'til well over 150k mi.
> On mine the noise tends to become more pronounced when making a left
> turn.  Sometimes at highway speeds, it sounds like a helicopter.  I
> plan to replace the bearings in the near future, but at 107000 miles,
> should I be suspect of possible transmission failure?  Don't see any
> fluid leaks.
> Ben
> [I'm getting a "howling" sound from the right rear of my car.  It
> definitely is wheel/tire related and starts at about 40 mph.  I suspect
> passenger side wheel bearing.  My questions are; Could the problem be
> something else...axle???  Is there a way to definitively determine if
> it is indeed the bearing??  If it is the axle, I'm inclined to taking
> the bearing housing out and bringing it to a machine shop to have a new
> bearing pressed in,...I'm told this is a fairly easy job to remove the
> bearing housing, anything I need to be concerned with when doing
> this???   Thanks for you help.]
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