(Boston Area) A Night of Driving Dangerously

Bob DAmato bob at audisport.com
Fri Mar 28 17:39:52 EST 2003

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that sounds pretty cool actually. Sounds like a prerequisite is getting
drunk first

Brett Dikeman wrote:

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> At 9:34 AM -0800 3/28/03, MAXIMUM at WEETAMOO.COM wrote:
>> This might just be the best excuse since the invention of beer to get
>> some
>> Boston area listers together (perhaps meeting before?) I'm not even
>> absolutely
>> sure that I can go, but this sounded too good not to pass on.
>> See description of "Hell's Highway" and schedule below... anyone
>> interested?
>> Royal
>> @ 10:00 - Sneak preview! HELL'S HIGHWAY: THE TRUE STORY OF HIGHWAY
>> FILMS - This informative new documentary on the history of gruesome
>> highway
>> safety classroom films features interviews with the original
>> filmmakers and
>> clips of some of the goriest "educational" films ever made, including
>> "Mechanized Death", "Wheels of Tragedy" and "Highways of Agony". Most of
>> these films were made in Ohio, USA, where the infamous Highway Safety
>> Foundation film factory was headquarted. As the years went on and the
>> company tried to expand (with other safety related titles like "The
>> Child
>> Molester" and "Plant Pilferage") but scandal and changing times finally
>> sealed the company's fate.
> Hmm, it'd be hard to top the Jackie Stewart video, what with the
> Scottish accent, the Escort GTs, the newspaper-reading "young
> businessman"...but why not?  If we get a bunch of people, count me in.
> B
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