code 2111, "implausible signal"

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Sat Mar 29 21:30:09 EST 2003

Had this problem Brett....

Had just finishd replacing the crankcase breather hose and had
inadvertantly moved the coil wire closer to the wire from the engine
speed sensor that is very close to the breather hose.

There must have been some interference because I started getting the
2111 code and a shor "jerk" while accelerating some times.

Just rearrange these wire again and it should clear up the problem.


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Gents, I got some puzzling codes from SRS today(they do a code dump on
every car that comes into the shop, they'll also do it for free if you
show up.)

I neglected to ask if the dump was done with the car running, but 2111
came up as "implausible signal, sporadic fault"(hah!  Those wacky
germans) -as well as- "no signal."  After clearing the codes and driving
the car around the block, none of the codes returned. They commented
that the car didn't feel like it was all there, and I had noticed
performance wasn't terrific recently.

They've offered to do another dump if I bring the car by, and I just
might- but anyone else seen this?  Car's had zero problems starting.
Boost has been reading low recently- 1.6 indicated.

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