I gotsa 200q20v

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Sun Mar 30 12:53:33 EST 2003

Hello folks,

Just picked this one up.  Put a pic in the registry.


It looks nice and I'm happy so far.  Pearl white, 166k miles, black comfort interior,

I still need to check her out and see what issues may exist.  Right now I have a
check engine light that I have to track down.

I do need to put in a transmission tho', ring and pinion failure.  Until I come across a
good condition 3B tranny for a reasonable price that can be shipped or delivered to
me, I'm going to put in a 5kcstq tranny and diff that I have available to me.

I forsee a chip in the medium future, probably some wheels.  It'll get my 5kcstq
upgrades that are transferable (eurolights, ultranator).  Longer term, I think the
manifolds and probably internals will be displaced with some trick stuff, and the
leftovers being put onto a 3B-spec frankenstein 20vt for the 4kstq.



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