ac not working

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Mon Mar 31 01:04:38 EST 2003

' can't tell you about the boost limit, but I can
vouch that the A/C won't work if the MFTS is telling
the ECU that the coolant is too hot.

If you don't know when your MFTS was replaced last,
maybe "just do it".  Rod has 'em (both 4-pin OEM and
3-pin AoA replacement, I think) at TPC.  I did mine
last month and it was easy.  ' only took an hour or
so; didn't lose more than a cup of coolant.

' only thing that went wrong was when I was pulling my
left hand out from around a few hoses to access the
sensor, I tugged hard enough to break the nipple off
the end of the additional water pump.  ' didn't take
much of a tug, so they apparently get brittle with
age, like the radiator nipples.  Check the nearby
coolant hoses while you're in that area.

Good luck,


PS: ' assume you've already seen on this list someone
elses reference to MFTS as Multi-Failure Temp Sensor.


...the the a/c is not coming on. The warning system is
telling me that the car has a hot condition in the
dash display (it is not hot or low on coolant) ...
What is the boost limit if the MTFS is telling the ECU
that the engine is hot?

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