Beneficial Equation: Luxury + performance + incredible depreciation + annominity=Audi A8

Dale McCormack Dale at
Mon Mar 31 09:23:10 EST 2003

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Check out also, though there is less detailed information.
 Ebay's my preferance.
Agreed on the 99's, the warm weather package is nice too, cold weather
pkg. (here in Chicago at least) mandatory.
Happy Motoring,

Hale, Duane A Mr WRAMC-Wash DC wrote:

> Hi Dale:
> I have noticed that '97s routinely go for less than $20K on e-bay and
> Autotrader, but a '99 for $17.9K just seemed too low!  But, I
> checked-it out over the weekend and it's indeed a 4.2lQ, although the
> mileage is a bit high at 79K.  Still, that's one heck-uva car for less
> than 18 grand.  The '99 is the only way to go in my book, since it
> usually had the 17s and sometimes Xenons.  Now if I can just find a
> black/black with low miles for under $20K...
> Duane
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>     Duane,
>     You questioned whether under $20k for an A8 was unusual?  Na,
>     based on my watching of * Ebay*, that's about what you can find a
>     98 for, though the noise you may hear when you pick up the car is
>     the seller are whining.  The '97, non-tiptronic ones can be even
>     lower.  Regardless of the market, you're right; it's a hellofa car
>     for the $$.  The newer ones also can feature 17" wheels, but even
>     the 97 was very good and the trans can be reprogrammed as has been
>     discussed previously on the list.
>     As Audists, we can non longer blame *60 Minutes* for incredible
>     depreciation of the marque in America, the marketplace speaks
>     daily.  However, for used car buyers like me, they usually remain
>     incredible cars for the money.
>     Dale


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