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10x1.00 thread pitch allen plug or cap screw with loctite works fine, btdt.  10x100 plugs/screws can be found on any european car brake master cylinder.  Worst case, retap it to a standard 10x1.25 thread pitch (home depot).

This is the feed for the WGFV on the 20vt cars.  It is NOT used in a 10vt applications.  That said, you will see the boss for it even on the k26.

Just plug it and put it in Brandon.  Don't forget too, that you want to loosen all the cold and hot side nuts on the bench and get both housings to spin in relation to the center.  The 20vt application moves the cold and hot side orientation vs the k26 urq stocker or any 20vt to 10vt k24 swap for that matter..


Scott J
84 RS2URQ Project
83 urq k24 and WR head/cam
'87 T44tqw mit k24

In a message dated 3/31/2003 12:36:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, brogers at terrix.com writes:

> Hi all-
> I recently (~2k mi ago) had a K24 rebuilt for my urq.  I want to use this newly rebuilt turbo on my 3B motor (which is going in the urq) but yesterday I realized a difference.  The 3B K24 has a nipple on the cold side housing for a hose, where my turbo from the urq does not.   I see the place where it would mount, but it's just a boss-no cap screw or anything.  So is it possible to simply swap cold side housings, or does that open up the internals and require actual turbo knowledge
> and skills?
> Thanks for any input.
> Brandon

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