cracks in 3B head

Bobby Richter bobby at
Mon Mar 31 23:52:37 EST 2003

It happens to the AAN head as well. I had a small crack between the
intake valve seats on No.5 cylinder. In the mornings when I started the
car it would misfire for about 30 seconds and then all seemed fine. The
water loss was not noticable at all. After lots of troubleshooting I
removed the sparg plugs and cranked the motor. Water sprayed out of
no.5. One new head later the car is fine.
BTW - I discovered later that the previous owner often put AVGAS in the
tank...No wonder.

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Greetings all-
I know it is common for there to be small cracks between the seats on
10V heads.  Is it also common for cracking to occur on the 3B, say
between the plug hole and valve seats?  I hadn't heard of this-so
thought I'd get a list consensus.  Thanks-



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