chipping 3B's

auditude at auditude at
Mon Mar 31 20:05:37 EST 2003

I guess the Motronic world isn't one where there will likely end up being a QLCC type of
upgrade anytime soon.  I imagine a group purchase like was organized by Chris Miller in
times past isn't likely either.

I can appreciate what Mihnea is doing and want to see that develop, hopefully without any
incarceration or grenading.  So far I'm leaning towards a Hoppen/MTM upgrade out of the
options I'm aware of.

Have their been any surveys on this list to quantify how many folks are running chipped 3B's
versus stock ones?  Or perhaps who's running which types of upgrades?

Assuming most folks either have their upgrades or know which ones they want, does anyone
else really care about this kind of stuff?  I'm just curious what people think about the various



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