cracks in 3B head

Shayne thequattroking at
Mon Mar 31 23:59:29 EST 2003

No, valve seats.  You must pull the head off the car to see them.

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> Brandon,
> I have a 3B with just less than 60k miles = 116k km). Having just had my
> valve covers off, I have had a chance to inspect my heads. There were no
> cracks discernable anywhere. The only thing that caught my eye was one lobe
> on the intake cam showing a little "brass". No real wear.
> As an aside, I had just changed oil 2 weeks before replacing the gaskets. I
> was surprised to find the oil as murky as it was. Since I have a low miler,
> I have been considering using some thin flushing oil in the engine to get
> the crud out.
> Rich
> Greetings all-
> I know it is common for there to be small cracks between the seats on 10V
> heads.  Is it also common for cracking to occur on the 3B, say between the
> plug hole and valve seats?  I hadn't heard of this-so thought I'd get a list
> consensus.  Thanks-

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