losing boost

Alilio, Allan Allan.Alilio at nasdaq.com
Mon Mar 31 22:20:20 EST 2003

Allan, Your Bypass Valve is blown. Granted, it could be something else but its a VERY common problem on the Audi 20vt motors and most Audi Turbo motors for that matter. You can replace it with stock or you can put something better in like a Forge Valve or similar. Maybe some others can describe how to test you BPV to see if its good or not. But thats where I'd start.
l8r Todd

Looks like that was the problem.  I threw on a bypass valve from a Saab it was also a bosch but  I heard it was upgrade to the 200 bypass valve.  Anyway under WOT now it maintains 1.7 bar all the way to redline.



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