pilot bearing removal

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu May 1 10:53:19 EDT 2003

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Hi guys-
Does anybody have a picture of a 3B pilot bearing (removed from motor) that=
 you can email me?  I'm trying to remove the pilot bearing and the bearing =
removal tool only pulled out the guts, leaving the outer shell.  The shell =
has been stubborn (understatement of the year).  i couldn't get it to pull =
out and have resorted to trying to destroy it.  Having never seen a 3B PB r=
emoved, I'm not sure what the shell looks like.  It almost seems like it is=
 closed on the back end (or is it just pushed back into the crank VERY snug=
???), rather than open as I've seen on the WX 10V turbo PB. I'm afraid I've=
 screwed this thing up big time.  Any and all input appreciated.



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