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Yes, the 3b pilot bearing is all the way recessed, and I guess is considered a lifetime part...  To make it less so for the DIYer, take a dremel and make 2 cut thru the shell about 3/4 of the depth 180 apart, then use a scredriver and pound the shell in towards the center, it will collapse on itself and becomes easy to remove.  Clean the metal shavings with compressed air...  To reinstall, find a socket of the same diameter and drive it in.


Scott Justusson
In a message dated 5/1/2003 10:53:19 AM Eastern Standard Time, brogers at terrix.com writes:

> Hi guys-
> Does anybody have a picture of a 3B pilot bearing (removed from motor) that you can email me?  I'm trying to remove the pilot bearing and the bearing removal tool only pulled out the guts, leaving the outer shell.  The shell has been stubborn (understatement of the year).   i couldn't get it to pull out and have resorted to trying to destroy it.  Having never seen a 3B PB removed, I'm not sure what the shell looks like.  It almost seems like it is closed on the back end (or is it just pushed back into the crank VERY snug???), rather than open as I've seen on the WX 10V turbo PB. I'm afraid I've
> screwed this thing up big time.   Any and all input appreciated.
> Brandon
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