amazingly high repair bill

Joshua C smuckycat at
Thu May 1 13:30:58 EDT 2003

What do you mean the car isn't holding a charge..
do you mean sitting off for an hour you come back and it's dead or driving
around it dies in an hr, depending on circumstances it could be different
problems.  I have changed my alternator and don't consider my self an expert
mechanic...and that was over a year ago and it's still ticking.  I bet you
could do that your self.. the only hard part is access, I removed stuff and
came in from above then got it off from below ( I don't remember the exact
steps) It wouldn't be a bad idea to get a toothed bolt before hand if yours
is chewed up..I know mine was.
I also did my bomb, I was lucky enough to have a lift to use on that one..It
isn't an overly difficult job but is messy and a PIA again...because of
access.. I found one real cheap for 199$ new on around you
may find large differences in $$

right there is less than 500$ for parts (never done a window reg)

Just take your time and have all the correct tools and instructions on


Joshua Cummings

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