UFO Rotors - $$

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu May 1 14:30:45 EDT 2003

Sometimes reduced prices are for remanned rotors rather than OEM.  Don't
know that that's a drawback.  I had a rear rotor separate from its hat (is
that the proper term?) on our V8.  Similar but not identical to the 200q30v
rotors.  They came on the car and I have no knowledge of their origin.

At 01:07 PM 05/01/2003 -0400, Tom Mullane wrote:
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>My UFO rotors are suffering from Northeast rust syndrome, causing the
>brake pedal to pulsate.  The rotors on the car now are original equipment
>at 155K, so I have doubts about the feasibility of turning the rotors.  I
>also tend to be more of a "while I'm in there anyway I may as well..."
>preventative maintenance type of guy rather than a BFI if IAB guy.  So
>will I have decided to change both pads and rotors, and possibly
>rebuilding the calipers.
>After much deliberation, I have decided keep my existing UFO brakes rather
>than upgrading.  The factors influencing my decision included some
>uncertainty about the length of time that I will own the car, my choice
>not to use the car for any track events, and the fact I would like to be
>able to continue to run the stock wheels.  (I would like to do some track
>events, but I am hoping to acquire a 944 turbo at some point in the future
>for this purpose.)
>Anyhow, I was surprised at the price of the new UFO's (this was a large
>part of my choice to retain the UFO's).  Audi quoted me $272 each for
>new...surprisingly cheap.  Northside Imports in New Jersey (Bill Maas)
>quoted me $198 each for new.  I have dealt with Maas/Northside for years
>and I would imagine that their rotors will be identical to the Audi
>rotors.  Anyone have a problems with aftermarket versus dealer?  Anyone
>find a cheaper source for UFO's?
>Tom Mullane
>91 200Q
>91 CQ
>99 A6Q
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