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The current issue is not warpage, but rust.  Parts of the contact surface of
the rotor have rusted; or rather, it seems like the contact surface is too
hard for water to penetrate, but it kind of gets "behind" the shiny, glazed
surface and causes a delamination of the rotor where parts actually flake
off.  On the inboard side of the rotor, the pad contacts only a ring about
an inch wide in the center of the contact area. This car sat for months at a
time in a Boston garage between uses, possibly the origin of this

Thanks for the paper shim tip.  It may be useful it the new rotors have some

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> Tom,
> IMO rotors, UFO or otherwise, should not be turned unless they are badly
> warped, inasmuch as they tend to wear true and therefore used rotors will
> always be better than new or machined, warpage not withstanding.  Some on
> this list have talked about a "dewarping procedure" that they have used
> sucessfully, but I've never had the problem so don't know about it.  Rust
> does not contribute to warpage and should not affect the braking surface
> unless the car has been parked below high tide elevation for the winter.
> Measure the runout of each rotor, the max spec being <.002"  If you do not
> have access to a dial indicator, A post-it is about .0025", so if stuck to
> the low runout side of the outer breaking dia on the inboard rotor
> it should not go under a pointer fixed to just touch the high side of the
> runout.  Simple test, I'll bet you'll find no runout problem.  Or, if
> necessary, they can be shimmed into spec with paper shims at the hub
> interface, BTDT on G60s.
> But do overhaul your calipers and caliper slides!  A dirty but zero cost
> job, and may well be the cause of your problem.
> DFI if IAB,
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> > My UFO rotors are suffering from Northeast rust syndrome, causing the
> > pedal to pulsate.  The rotors on the car now are original equipment at
> > so I have doubts about the feasibility of turning the rotors.  I also
tend to
> > be more of a "while I'm in there anyway I may as well..." preventative
> > maintenance type of guy rather than a BFI if IAB guy.  So will I have
> > to change both pads and rotors, and possibly rebuilding the calipers.
> >
> > After much deliberation, I have decided keep my existing UFO brakes
> > than upgrading.  The factors influencing my decision included some
> > about the length of time that I will own the car, my choice not to use
the car
> > for any track events, and the fact I would like to be able to continue
to run
> > the stock wheels.  (I would like to do some track events, but I am
hoping to
> > acquire a 944 turbo at some point in the future for this purpose.)
> > Anyhow, I was surprised at the price of the new UFO's (this was a large
> > of my choice to retain the UFO's).  Audi quoted me $272 each for
> > new...surprisingly cheap.  Northside Imports in New Jersey (Bill Maas)
> > me $198 each for new.  I have dealt with Maas/Northside for years and I
> > imagine that their rotors will be identical to the Audi rotors.  Anyone
have a
> > problems with aftermarket versus dealer?  Anyone find a cheaper source
> > UFO's?
> >
> > TIA.
> >
> > Tom Mullane
> > 91 200Q
> > 91 CQ
> > 99 A6Q
> > etc.
> >

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