re fellow wagon/avant owners: antenna problem

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Thu May 1 15:39:01 EDT 2003

The amplified antenna's power wire could be unhooked.  I do not know where
the antenna gets its power or ground point, but if either of these were
not connected, the antenna might not function as intended.

The antenna signal wire could be unhooked.  IIRC, there are two antennas -
one in the windshield and the other is the amplified Fuba on the roof.
Sometimes only one gets connected to the radio, especially in an
aftermarket installation..

As others have said, sometimes the amplifiers die and you must replace the
amplifier or the entire antenna.  I always like to check and see that
everything is connect correctly before I replace things, though.

Eric Kissell

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