What happens after 1.5bar?

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Thu May 1 13:48:26 EDT 2003

My avant did this during my pre-purchase test drive, but at 1.3 bar
in the dash display.  I hit 4 connector assemblies with spray contact
cleaner and have not had the problem for over a year now.

I did the MAF, throttle, WGFV and ....hmmmm what else is easy to see
when it's already getting dark, prob the coil assy on the firewall ?


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> Subject: What happens after 1.5bar?
> Fellow Listers,
> After the turbo produces 1.5bar pressure what happens?
>  I'm trying to pinpoint my violent bucking problem, it
> seems as though when I get to 1.5bar the car will
> violently buck.  I'm guessing it's electrical because
> it seems to continue happening even when it doesn't
> reach 1.5 after the initial instance.  I am leading
> towards the ECU for that reason guessing that it must
> be reset to continue normally until 1.5 is reached
> again.  Of course I hope it isnt I'd rather not but
> another grand into the car right now but any input is
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave Pianka

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