Front Bumper Cover parts

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu May 1 17:31:39 EDT 2003

My car got smacked in a parking lot while I was in Salt Lake City last
January.   Broke the passenger side headlight lens, shifted the fender
enough (although fender is unmarked) to close the gap between the hood and
driver side fender, and left the bumper cover hanging loose on the
passenger side.

Weather's just gotten nice enough to let me investigate.  Here's what I've

A replacement headlight from my 5ktq parts car goes into place and can be
fastened down, but the top screw holes don't line up perfectly (holes in
the core support are large enough to let the screws tighten).

Both the (?) flexible extensions off the crossmember that replaced the
steel bumper of earlier cars have broken mounts and the extensions both
point toward the driver side.  I presume they're supposed to point straight

The plastic structure on the inside of the bumper cover on the wing that
goes along the passenger fender that clips into the plastic bracket on that
fender has one of its two anchoring fingers cracked.  Not missing, but
cracked enough I doubt it would keep the cover in place.  The bracket on
the fender also is cracked, but that's easily replaced.  The thing on the
cover is riveted in place and there's no part number for it in the Family

Anyone know how I might fix that broken part on the cover?

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