fellow wagon/avant owners: antenna problem?

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Thanks to all who responded and this may be useful FYI to others...

I received a number of replies on this issue.  They all point to the
antenna amplifier; a separate component from the whip and the base.  The
amp I'm informed is available from antennaworld.com.

from Audi parts dept.:
   p/n     3a0-051-849    mast (w/o carphone) $40.25
   p/n     4a9-051-503    base and cable      $265.00
   p/n     445-035-225    amplifier           $403.65

from AntennaWorld.com (not OE so can't tell about fitness and performance
# 1 & 2 together are $65
#3 the amplifier is $20

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I have also never had decent reception in my car, I have a clarion head
and stock antenna, I am not sure which causes the poor reception and
done anything about it although it's "on the list" let me know if you make
any breakthroughs.. I have heard that the antenna is amplified and failure
of that could cause it... but I may be misinformed.

so...yes I have the same problem...no I can't help

Joshua Cummings

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